High Destination Company has been specializing in all the rappelling work for 5 years. The company provides a variety of height jobs according to the client’s requirements and according to the needs of the structure, while ensuring professionalism and finishing at a high level and according to the required standards.

Specialization in “High Goals”
Elevation work through rappelling is a complex work that requires physical strength, calculated work and consideration that includes good planning in advance and focusing ability.
Renovation work requires professionalism, good technical and technological understanding and familiarity with the innovations of the market.
A high-end company combines both types of work: renovation of buildings at height in Rappelling.

Our Services
The company team offers the following services:
Rehabilitation of fire damage
Cleaning windows and marble
Painting and renovation work
Marble and tile reinforcements
Restoration and sealing of casing structures
Water penetration sealing services
Cleaning buildings soot, dirt and residue • Concrete during construction
Restoration and renovation of buildings
Hanging outdoor advertising signs
The company’s team aims to provide reliable and fast service, to meet the schedules, to act personally and to provide warm and personal treatment to every customer of the highest standard.

our Customers
In Israel, a high-end company works with local authorities, large construction and real estate companies such as Electra, French Ltd. and more.
A high-end company aims high and is active today in England, too, in giant malls such as Westfield built for the 2012 Olympics and more focal points in London.

Another company we own, Mimi Brown – for booth construction in US malls

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