Marble reinforcements

Certainly, as far as the construction industry is concerned, the most important keyword is “safety”. Unfortunately, not all professionals in the field understand this and so often compromise on safety versus aesthetics or even money savings. Sometimes these are small and usually harmless, and sometimes they are dangerous hazards, such as contractors that stick to the exterior of a building for aesthetic purposes without properly reinforcing it. Loose marble can be incredibly dangerous and just here we come into the picture. High Goals will provide you with a reinforcing service, even at altitude, and ensure that you do not suffer from such a safety hazard again.

The need for marble reinforcements

When glued to the front of a building it needs to be strengthened and fixed in place so that it does not move. When marbled without reinforcement, the damages will expose themselves over time, and over the years, the often hot and unstable Israeli climate and even the movement of the building or the ground, will end up having to move out of place and may even disengage from the building. Until a few years ago, there was no standard standard on marble reinforcement, so every professional would stick the marble to his eyes. Today we see the marble loosening happening on each of those buildings that were built prior to the regulation, and any such building should be addressed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many professionals today choose not to meet the standards even when it comes to new buildings, so the need for reinforcement is increasing every year.

The reinforcement process

Reinforcing marble cladding is a professional process with standard requirements that the craftsmen are required to comply with. The work is usually done by using stainless steel screws that fix the stone to the wall and prevent its dangerous loosening, as the need to maintain the aesthetic of the structure has led to the development of a technique that eliminates the screw head when finished.

Choosing reliable professionals

The clear need for maintenance of the building while maintaining its appearance requires the work of real professionals, and even of skilled staff working at height and can also handle high-rise buildings. For many years, High Goals has been providing reinforcement services to its customers. Our team will come to the building, listen to your needs, thoroughly review the building requirements, work quickly and efficiently, and leave a safe, protected and aesthetic structure. Working with us is working with professionals who enjoy service and we will be happy to assist you in any matter related to the preservation and strengthening of the marble structure.

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