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יעדים בגובה בעבודה

Earthworks and development

Burning Damage Restoration Restoring buildings after a fire is a complex business

Restoration and sealing of buildings

There are many problems related to time damage in old-fashioned

יעדים בגובה בעבודה

Marble reinforcements
Certainly, as far as the construction industry is concerned, the most important keyword is “safety”

Works in height
When dealing with a complex field that requires broad specialization with consideration

יעדים בגובה בעבודה

Cleaning windows and marble
The marble cleaning is usually done for new buildings before the building is handed over to the contractor

About Us

Kobi Hebron's High Destination Company has been specializing in all five years of rappelling. The company provides a variety of height jobs according to the client's requirements and according to the needs of the structure, while ensuring high-level professionalism and finishing according to the required standards.

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