Restoration and sealing of buildings

There are many problems related to time damage in outdated buildings; Walls that get wet due to improper sealing and invite decay and mold, Peeling paint and cladding, cracks in the walls create an aesthetic hazard, old-fashioned walls that create a dangerous and erratic structure, cold penetrating in the winter and the heat of summer beating and more. Many such buildings accept the ultimate fate of demolition and land flushing, but what about those buildings that are not allowed to demolish or renovate such as buildings that are defined as buildings for conservation? Right here, a high-profile company specializing in the restoration and sealing of buildings for preservation comes into the picture, helping you get the best out of the building and restore it to its old look, decades earlier.

The work steps

There are various methods for performing the restoration and sealing of building envelopes, the preferred one nowadays is through rappelling, which allows all points in the structure to reach low and high. We at High Goals specialize in high-quality, safe rappelling work. In addition to the execution methods, there are various repairs required by each structure, sometimes minor repairs such as purely repainting and sometimes deep reinforcement of all the building’s foundations. In the first phase of the work, the High Goals team locates the parts in the structure, cracks, holes and safety hazards, which require restoration and sealing. In the second stage, the team will peel the wall, clog the cracks and holes and continue sealing where the structure is repainted and completely sealed, giving it a renewed aesthetic appearance and allowing its preservation. We specialize in a wide range of sealing work including roof sealing, cracks, exterior walls, marble or ceramic cladding, sealing seams, restoration and painting work and more.

Set high goals

High Destination Company provides its customers with the highest level of sealing and restoration services. The professional and skilled staff performs a thorough job throughout the structure, redesigning it and giving it more durability and aesthetic appearance over time. The work is done in full coordination with the client, listening to his needs and desires with an emphasis on respect, reliability and personal attitude. The many clients we have worked with over the years will attest to the high level of finish, seriousness, professionalism and quality of final work.

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